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Surf Team

Year-round program for kids ages 6 to 15 offered 2 days a week (Friday and Saturday) designed for them to learn surfing and advance their skills with instructor supervision. We work with all skill levels, from beginners to advanced, and offer video coaching sessions every month. It is a great way for kids to improve their surfing, gain knowledge and confidence in the ocean, and make life long surf buddies!

Session Times

Friday 1:30pm-3:00pm

Saturday 9:00am-10:30am

Beginner's Learn...

  • Ocean Safety

  • Basic Surf Skills

  • Take off & Timing

  • Surf Etiquette

  • Surfer Journal Designed by Glen Hening Co-Founder of  the Surfrider Foundation

Experienced Surfer's Learn...

  • Longboard and Shortboard maneuvering

  • Turns & Tricks

  • Technique & Style

  • Duck Diving & Turtle Rolls

  • Terminology

  • Oceanography

  • Surf Forecasting

  • Environment

  • Surf History

  • Try Different Boards

  • Ding Repair

  • Video Coaching

Get Ready For Your Lesson!

You need to arrive at the Boardwalk location 10 minutes prior to the start of your surf lesson. We offer parking validation up to 2 hours when you park at Promenade Mall underground garage. We also have a safe storage area for you to keep your belongings in and a shower so that you can rinse off after your surf lesson.


Equipment is included in your surf lesson, but you will need to bring a few items as well. If you forget, or can’t purchase them ahead of time, our surf shop will also have them for sale.

  • Bathing suit or board shorts to wear under your wetsuit

  • Towel to dry-off after the surf lesson

  • Sunscreen for sun protection

  • Bottled water to hydrate after the surf lesson

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